Donna Gordon
fine artist - image maker


Beautiful website Donna ! I love your work the different process and approach! Love to fallow your experiences! Great Job Donna!
Martine Simard - 6 Sep 2021
Beautiful work. Beautiful person! Great website. I resonate with your artist's statement as, like you, I am always evolving and my art is transforming me and my environment constantly. I enjoy working with you on our Sunday afternoon DVAC portrait sketching sessions.
Terry Tedesco - 1 Jun 2019
Very nice work the boat on the wall at the club house is fantastic.
Gordon Klingbell - 13 Dec 2018
Great website, Donna. Your work is stunning.
Ingrid Mueller - 7 Sep 2017
Like your website, Donna. Love the beetles! Judy
Judy - 6 Sep 2017
Your work keeps getting better - I love every piece I see.
Phil Rushton - 6 Sep 2017
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